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Post  muddasir on Fri Jul 17, 2009 8:37 pm

Hello Guys Smile.. I Want to Ask u guys something.I Got 14,000/Rs. And I've to made some changes in my PC. My PC Configuration Are As Follows,
Intel(R)Dual Core Processor E2180
Intel(R)DG31PR Motherboard
Intel Built In 128 Graphic Card
Simtronics 1 GB DDR2 RAM(667)

So i have 2 decisions,

First... ==> To Buy An ATI HD RADEON 4650or4670 and to buy a New 15" LCD Monitor

Second ==> To Buy A Quad Core Processor and sell my dual core processor and buy a 15"Inch Used LCD Monitor..

So What You Guys Think? Smile

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