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Post  ramb00 on Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:48 pm

hy my name is Muhammad Hammad and plays with a nick of RaMB0 playing from a long time. I am a ptcl broadband user and just starts playing on ptcl sounter strike servers. the problems that i noticed in your servers are as follow.....!!!

1. the LAG problem is the biggest in ptcl CS servers, please make 3 instead of 5 servers because more the cs servers in one pc it will increase more the lag and please decrease the amount of servers slot... make 3 servers with one server of 32 playes slot with map dd2,,,, and two servers of 24 slots, less the number of slot less will be the lag.

2. Please appoint some admins,,, not only admins but good admin who are playing from long time and are fair too. Too much abusing in your severs .

3. start ranking in your CS servers.

4. Add your CS servers in and

Please think about these thing, it will increase the popularity of your server more than dnt and ldn.......

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contact # 0313-5155207


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