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Post  rambo on Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:33 am

Dear Head Admin,

I have been trying to contact you for quite some time. I just found out about this platform of communication, thanks to the exceedingly great PTCL customer support that they have. I would just like to your attention the poor performance of the counter-strike 1.6 servers.

I am very sorry to tell you but the server performance is no short of being PATHETIC. As a PTCL user, we expect to enjoy a good time with these value added services but we dont even get close to that. There are numerous problems that are with the server which i would like to point out:

1. Lag on the server:
(LL of the players ping spikes to >150 (greater than 150). This happens on regular basis.)

2. Rates of the servers are not set.

3. High pings for local users due to reason no. 2

4. Round time too much.

5. C4 timer not set

6. No proper rotation of maps or moderation of server by administrators

7. Buy time not set

8. Force camera turned on. (note this is not a match server)

9. If a dedicated server is created on a system, that system should not be used in order to prevent lag. By the patterns of the lags, it looks like some one is continuously using the network services of the current systems or the system is infected by a virus/trojan.

This is MOST inconvenient for us as we are paying to get these services. You can brag about the no of users you get on the server but trust me 90% of them dont even know how to play properly let alone notice the above mentioned information.

It is my kind request to take the necessary actions. This is better for you as it will attract more users towards the servers, and in future, towards PTCL.

Best Regards,

Umair Ansari
PTCL User since Jan 01, 2009


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Server Performance Empty mera pass server show nahi horahe hain ..??

Post  siku on Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:26 am

mera pass yeh side open nahi horahi koi bata sakta kyun ..?? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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