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) Posts may not contain any one of the following:-Illegal Files / Links (music, warez, CD cracks/codes, servers, links,websites, etc.)-Hate speech (racism, prejudice, etc.)-Excessive Profanity (especially in subject lines)-Spam, scams, or commercial messages-***** or ***** materialPlease keep in mind that the moderators are here to only enforce theserules to keep the forums a fun and healthy place to stay. If you have aproblem with how a moderator is helping to run the forums, please privatemessage or e-mail them and talk to them privately. Do NOT make a topic andturn it into a bashing - that's just lame.2) Topics should most definitely go into their respective sections.3) If a moderator decides that a post is in the wrong section, than it willbe moved to the appropriate one. It's easy, and takes little more time thanit does to make that original topic in the first place.4) Flaming and bashing are NOT necessary under ANY circumstances. This ruleis a one-strike rule: do it once, and you're out. Simple as that.5) If this is your first visit, and you have a question regarding technicalsupport, or game(s) help, please search for your topic first. The forumshave been around for a while, and lots of questions/problems have beenanswered, some of them many, many times over. It allows people to be savedthe headache of having to post yet another answer to the same question, andallows you to get the problem fixed faster, since you don't need to await aresponse from another forum member.6) Posting purely for increasing your post count will NOT be tolerated.We've done so in the past, but it's been getting out of hand. If you wannahave a high post count, make your own forums and get yourself 1,000+ posts.We try to make sure that everyone has a good clean place to discuss things,and it doesn't prove anything.The moderators hope that everyone can adopt these rules as being what theyare: straightforward, concise, and simple. If anyone has a questionconcerning these rules, please e-mail or private message. We will see youare taken care of.Thanking you,PTCL DSL ONLINE GAMING TEAM